Creative Graphic Design Company

Allison Carmichaels graphic design team are in the forefront of international graphic design, offering creative design services from the UK and France to local and international clients in both English and French.

Whether you are looking for an original illustration or logo, a complete new look for your business, a website design, or to modernise your brand, we can help you with English and French graphic designers, so you can communicate in your preferred language.

Having several gifted graphic designers in the company, we can offer a quick turn-around time and a high standard of service, with a style that will match the one you're looking for.

Illustrations with a Difference

Our original and creative illustrations have been featured in books, leaflets, adverts and on websites and other promotional material internationally.

Whether you're looking for something that conveys a significant corporate identity, or something fun and quirky, we have the illustrators available to provide the creative service that you require.

Our original illustrations will be provided in high resolution camera-ready print format or Low resolution web ready format as you require.

Graphic Web Design

For a website to be effective, it needs many elements - a beautiful graphic design, easy to use navigation for end-users and  a Content Management System (CMS) for the website editors.  It also needs to appear high with search engines, so that you receive visitors to your site.  Working with Indigoextra Ltd, a creative web development company, we can offer all these services and more, whether you're looking for a simple website to present your services, or a complex company website with e-commerce facilities and interactive features.

The Art of Website Design

Everyone on the website design team, here at Allison Carmichael, has a clear understanding that all websites should look fabulous.  Design optimization is a strong element of marketing for any company, small or large, who want visitors to stay on their site and browse their products and services.  We believe the internet has the power to change the way we shop and we choose to do that beautifully.

Flash Animations

We understand how to use movement on a website and know that an animation should add to the positive impact of a website, not just be a distraction.  We often create our animations to be more subtle or slower moving than some.  Flash Animations can also include sounds or video and we will embed the appropriate controls into the web page, so that users control the volume or can pause a video.  If you're looking for a Flash Animation that you can edit online, that's also an option, where you load your own images and sound file via a Content Management System and create as many animations as you would like using a simple interface that will resize images and create the Flash movie for you.

Original Illustrations

The Allison Carmichael graphic design team use illustrations that stand out from the crowd with their elegance and style.  We have a team of creatives with a skill base that ranges from the pure fine arts to the purely typographic taking animation, illustration, graphics and web developement in their stride.


Allison Carmichael

Our graphics company, Allison Carmichael works from Montpellier and Languedoc Roussillon in South France, with English and French speaking graphic designers, illustrators and web developers available to assist with your project.  For any project, we will assign an English or French speaking project manager to you to ensure we understand your requirements.  Our creative team can work to a precise specification or generate creative ideas, as the job requires.


France Landscape & Portrait Paintings

As well as offering English and French web and illustration services, Allison Carmichael is a creative landscape and portrait artist, using rich, bold and vibrant colours to capture her subjects and bring her paintings to life. Her French landscape paintings are inspired by the beauty of the Languedoc area of South France. Her portrait paintings are inspired by the beauty of the human form.