Creative Board Game Designer

Allison Carmichael is a creative graphic designer available for international graphic design work including board games and card games.

She is the illustrator and graphic designer of 3 published board games to date. Allison works in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to transform your concept into a finished, attractive and professional prototype.

Please click for more information on Allison's graphic design services, or carry on reading for information on the 3 games Allison has created the artwork for - The Da Vinci Game, Liar Liar and Eurobabble.

The Da Vinci Game

The Da Vinci Game is a pulse-quickening, brain-teasing board game of pure genius, illustrated and co-created by Allison Carmichael. It contains 800 riddles, puzzles and challenges. Will you become the Grand Master?


The Da Vinci Board Game



Liar Liar

Pants on Fire Games produced the Liar Liar board game (released in June 2009) and asked Allison to create the artwork for the box, board and cards. Working with the 1 Website Designer team, she also created the Pants on Fire Games website.

Liar Liar is an exciting trivia party game for ages 12 and up, where players can invent answers to questions, lie about the throw of the dice and even lie about knowing the answers.

Liar Liar Game



Allison also did the board game design for the Eurobabble game (also produced by Pants on Fire Games and released in June 2009).

Eurobabble has players in hysterics as they mime and put on the accents of 6 different European countries. Players also have to guess the answer (in English) to questions in French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Spanish and Italian.



Leonardo Da Vinci was a talented artist and engineer, something that was totally normal during the renaissance. This diversity is discouraged today with dire warnings that jacks of all trades will be masters of none. He also created secret symbols, mirror writing, riddles and puzzles,  millions of people were fascinated with these through the popular book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

This fascination and intrigue has been furthered for many by countless other publications investigating the facts and fiction of the novel, as well as exploring Leonardo Da Vinci's own life, the story of Rennes-le-Chateau, the Priory de Sion and the role of Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail.

The board game, which draws its inspiration from the same sources as The Da Vinci Code was illustrated and co-created by Allison Carmichael. The boardgame has had huge international success. It challenges players to solve ingenious puzzles, riddles, logic problems and conundrums in a thrilling race against both the clock and the other players.

Mental agility, shrewd tactics and a little bit of luck will all be needed and fortunes can change in the blink of an eye. Gather the four pieces of treasure and return to the Ankh space to face and conquer one final challenge in the quest to become the Grand Master of The Da Vinci Game.


You can find out much more information about it at or buy it directly from

The Da Vinci Game Contains:

1 Game board,
400 Challenge Cards (800 challenges),
1 Timer,
1 Die,
4 Category Dividers,
6 Pairs of Playing Pieces,
1 Cloth Bag,
50 Treasure Tokens,
24 Treasure Tiles,
1 Plain Pad,
6 Pencils,
1 Rules Leaflet

Please note that the board game has not been approved, licensed or endorsed by any entity involved in the creation or production of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.



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