Below are the covers and a selection of sample illustrations for three beautifully illustrated picture books about two adorable cats, Blessed and Beloved.
Cat and mouseFish in mouthHouse illustrationPlateMilk and straw graphic designCat's paw illustrationMoon pictureCat in bed pictures

My Cats Are Different
Introduces Blessed and Beloved, two very different cats indeed!

My Cats Are Different - illustrated story book for children




Cats tying ribbonsHot dogsButterfly graphic designFlying cat picture bookDogsSpaceship cartoonSinging snail bookClownCrowned with a fish illustrations

My Cats Dream Dreams
Explores the mysterious world cats enter in their sleep.

My Cats Dream Dreams - illustrated cat storybook for children




Elephant cartoonCat parachuting drawingParachuting funBus pictureCrab picture bookBuying sunglassesWinter sportsLizardCrocodile

My Cats Go On Holiday
Is about their various adventures around the world.

My Cats Go On Holiday - Illustrated cat book








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