Chocolate cakecheeses

These food hamper illustrations were commissioned for a change in corporate identity of a purveyor of top of the range hampers and other food products.

As you will see, the food illustrations and graphic designs include a range of different hampers, including a cheese selection, cakes and biscuits, Christmas, meats, quiches and pastries, winter, summer and spring food editions.

The illustrations were used as part of the corporate identity of the company - on menus/leaflets and for the logo.  Allison designed the illustrations to fit with the range of products that were available (with some artistic license allowed), creating images that are delicious just to look at.

Allison creates corporate identity for international clients and is available to either recreate your whole online and paper based corporate ID, to create a logo for your company or to create a single illustration.  She can add a sense of luxury and deliciousness to your product, regardless of whether you're in the catering industry, or something completely different.

Allison is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Languedoc Roussillon, South France.