Allison Carmichael


4 Rue des Trésoriers de France


Tel. from France: 09 64 41 93 90
Tel. from Abroad: +33 9 64 41 93 90


Allison Carmichael is a British artist, designer and illustrator who lives and paints in South France. She is a fine art graduate of Goldsmiths University College, London.

Allison is available for work as an illustrator, designer and website designer.

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Allison Carmichael works in many mediums, from oil and acrylics on canvas to computer art in Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Flash.

She is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Southern France, where she lives and by the beauty of the human form.

Allison illustrated and co-wrote 'The Da Vinci Game', designed the cover and 19 illustrations for 'And Anyway About Me' by Tara Shilling and is featured in Martin Dawber's Big Book of Contemporary Illustration.

Furthermore, her illustrations, logos and corporate identity have been used by many companies and publications in the UK, USA and France.