An essential part of any web development project is internet marketing. This is a proven way of appearing high within the search results.

In order to take full advantage of what website marketing has to offer, you need a strategy that works.  Internet Marketing (also called Search Engine Optimization or SEO) can potentially attract thousands of people from your target audience and direct them to your website, whether it is a company website, a charity website or an artist's website.

Allison Carmichael is one of the partners of Indigoextra Ltd, a team of over 20 people who offer an effective English and French SEO Service.  We have SEO clients in France, the UK, Canada, America and Spain.

Our professional SEO experts will take your website to the next level and go beyond helping you get thousands of hits -- we’ll help you attract people who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

Our web development services coupled with our graphic design and SEO services will distinguish your website from your competitors.  As a result, it will improve your web presence and increase your ROI.

For a free estimate on our Web Development services, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our SEO Project Managers will assist you with any questions you may have regarding our creative web design and SEO services.


SEO France

If you are looking for SEO in France, then you will probably be looking for either English or French SEO for a company in France.  We offer both services.

English SEO France

When carrying out English SEO for a company in France, we optimize 20 different factors per page, to ensure that your website sends a very clear message to Google and other Search Engines as to what the site is about.  This ensures that Search Engines will place your site higher in the search results than poorly optimized competitors. 

As part of an English SEO campaign, we also build high quality links to your site from other related websites.  Because we are an SEO company in France, we have a wide network of relevant French websites and can generate highly relevant, high quality links to your site from these.  We also write interesting and informative articles and submit these to 100 English article directories, with a guarantee that at least 50 will accept your article.

The combination of great on-site SEO, French link building from related websites in France and article writing and submission will boost your position with Search Engines as well as generating many visitors to your site from the links and articles themselves.

French SEO France

Whether you speak fluent French yourself or not, is not a problem for us, as we offer an effective French SEO service that includes content writing (or English to French translations, if you would prefer to write content yourself in English), on-site SEO and link building from relevant French websites in France.

Google looks at the quality of a link more than the quantity, so for French SEO for companies in France, we ensure that links are from French websites with under 80 links on a page.  We also write French articles and submit these to 30 article directories in France, with a guarantee that at least 12 articles will be published on the internet.

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