Allison Carmichael is an artist and illustrator based in the South of France. She embraces modern technology and as a cyber artist she creates original artwork for international clients, including book jackets, board games, illustrations for websites, logo design and illustrations for promotional material.


My Cats Picture Books

Original picture books for young children to enjoy, written and illustrated by Allison.

book jacket design

Book Jacket Design

Jacket design for And Anyway About Me by Tara Shilling, plus 19 lighthearted illustrations to bring alive this hilarious self help book.

Food hamper art

Food Hampers

A series of promotional illustrations for a producer of quality food hampers.

computer illustrations of famous people

Computer art - Famous People

A series of 50 illustrations of famous people, 18 pictured on this site, created using Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom Intous 3. 

Can you recognise each famous person from a close-up?

Rebus illustration

Original Rebus Artwork

Colourful,Bright and strong artwork for rebuses in another game. Can you guess what words or phrases are featured here.


Pencil Drawings, Line Drawings and Computer Art

A selection of pencil drawings, line drawings and computer art.



Cartoons for both kids and grown-up kids.

illustrations for children

Animal Illustrations for children

Fun animal illustrations in water colour.

Logo design

Logo Illustration in France & Internationally

Commission Allison to create your own logo to accurately and gracefully portray your corporate identity.

Board game graphic design


Board Game Graphic Design

Allison is the designer and co-creator of the board game, The Da Vinci Game, as illustrated here and also the illustrator for two other board games.

original illustrations

Allison was also featured in Martin Dawber's Big Book of Contemporary Illustration.