Cows photo montage

Photo montage is an excellent design tool, It can be playful and powerful.  Often used in graphic design to make a statement visually, politically or downright hilariously.

We often use Photo Montage to make bold images for websites, album cover art, books and promotional material.


Web design photo montage


The 'family photos' on the left were created for a counsellors website, dedicated to the emotional well being of teenagers.  We often use Photo Montage in website design because it gives a strong symbolic message.

Album Art

Album cover artwork and CD design

Allison Carmichael designed the album artwork for 'Englishman' by composer Nick Kail.  The song 'Englishman' in the album of the same name focuses on the emotional detachment of a typical Englishman.  We wanted to capture this impression in a bold, eye-catching image.


CD cover design


A couple of ideas were considered for the album art, including the one shown above. The lonely man on the pier won the day.


We also illustrated the album cover artwork for 'Watercolours' by Nick Kail.

After listening to the album, we had a clear idea of what would capture the feel of Nick's album.

Nick felt that the album art perfectly fitted his album's story and after a few tweaks, the cover artwork was finalised.


The covers for both albums are rich in symbolism, playful and surreal.

Album art