Portrait paintings of yourself, friends or family

If you are interested in having your portrait painted, please see the images to the right for some examples of previously commissioned portraits, or for a far wider collection, see my other portrait paintings. While I have been commissioned to paint more traditional portraits in the past, I love to paint people as fairies, angels, mermaids, or other exotic beings, giving the paintings a very different and special feel.

For group portraits, if there's not one photo which really captures everyone as you'd like them to look, it's easy for me to use different photos of different people to be in the group portrait. I can easily work from emailed photos, provided that they're sufficiently high resolution, or you can post photos to me.

Prices vary depending on size of painting, number of subjects and medium, for more information or a quote, please contact Allison on:

art@allisoncarmichael.com or

phone +33 468 20 14 41.

When commissioning a painting, you can be as specific as you like in your request - I'm happy to chat about the subject of the painting and then paint a picture based on whatever inspiration takes me, or work to your specification if you have your own ideas in mind.

I am based in Languedoc Roussillon, South France and do receive the occasional request for live sittings.  I find live sittings work well for quick drawings and sketches, but prefer to work from photos for paintings, due to the time they take to complete.  Working from photos also allows me to use my imagination to combine different photos and add fictional backgrounds or elements, as my aim in any painting is not to capture an image in the way a camera would, but to capture the inner spirit of my subjects.


Lightness of Being Family Porttrait
Lightness of Being
Painting of 2 brothers and their sister

Oil on Canvas
91.5 x 65 cm


Pagan art
Pagan Gift
Or a very gifted Pagan

Acrylic on Canvas
61 x 61 cm


Portrait paintings
Mermaid Portrait
Portrait painting of a mermaid

Oil on Canvas
76 x 51 cm